Pastor Sednak Kojo Duffu Yankson - Africa's Ambassador to The Diaspora and the interpreter of Indigenous African - Biblical Symbolism

Pastor Sednak Kojo Duffu Yankson lives at the junction where African Religious Culture and Biblical Theology meet. He was born in Ghana into the Asona Royal Clan of the Fante Tribe of the Akan people in Ghana. He grew up in the palace and is no stranger to the African Religious Heritage.

He is a graduate of Oakwood College in Huntsville Alabama with a B.A in Theology and Andrews University with a Masters of Divinity degree and currently a D. Min Candidate. He is affectionately describes by his friends as a meticulous thinker, a people person and a computer wiz. He likes building computers for his hobby. The 2005 Summer Crusade for which Pastor Yankson was the Evangelist yielded 77 souls in Brooklyn, New York. The total baptism for 2005 was been 92.

His exposure to African Religious Concepts and Biblical Theology has given him a unique understanding our Theological Heritage. “AFRICA’S ROOTS IN GOD – The knowledge of the true God embedded in the African Culture” is the first book in the Sankofa Heritage Series. Pastor Yankson is the pastor of Canarsie and the New Dimension S. D. A. Churches in Brooklyn New York.