Global Evangelism

Global Evangelism is a missionary endeavor where clergy and lay preachers are sent around the world to preach the Good News. Thousands of souls have accepted the gospel by this means.

I am an African global evangelist ministering in Brooklyn, New York among two growing churches; Canarsie and New Dimension.

In August of 2005, as a result of our efforts we baptized ninety two (92) souls for Jesus, seventy seven (77) as a direct result of Brooklyn for Jesus Evangelism.

In July of 2007, my team of two people from New York; Evangelist Myrtle Pickett and Pastor Sednak Yankson baptized 96 souls in Musoma Tanzania.

In July of 2008 a group lay and clergy soul winners and tourists traveled to Ghana to establish a new church in the Central Region of Ghana among the Fante people. Souls winners are welcome!


Now the time has come to reach out to the rest of the world.

Global Evangelism is responsible for organizing the preaching project. The preachers are responsible for air tickets, and hotel expenses. Well, ministers can’t shoulder all the burden alone. We need support from those who have love for souls. Those who want to see God’s kingdom be populated with souls.

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Like Melchizedek; the high priest of the Most High, Jethro; the priest of Yahweh, Queen of Sheba; lover of Yahweh, Ethiopian Eunuch; the searcher of Yahweh and Simon of Cyrene; the helper of Yahweh, ours too is to accept Yahweh and spread His Word!